SHL Insights

2500+ clients use our cognitive assessments as part of their talent acquisition strategies.


Understand candidates’ learning potential and adaptability.

  • SHL combines interactive numerical, deductive reasoning, and reasoning ability assessments with data gathered from decades of global experience.
  • Gain insight into each candidate’s ability to learn—and, combined with behavioral assessments, their willingness to try.

Quickly and accurately assess candidates at scale.

  • SHL’s cognitive assessments are automated, remotely proctored, and ask fewer questions thanks to our unique partial-scoring methodology.
  • Assess high candidate volumes faster and more reliably, so your teams can make confident, efficient hiring decisions.

Provide all candidates with truly engaging experiences.

  • Our immersive assessments upgrade button clicking with “drag-and-drop" and gamified interactions without compromising professional assessment standards.
  • This helps your teams keep applicants engaged, while meeting their expectation of being taken seriously with job-relevant, real-world tasks.

Understand candidate learning potential before making hiring decisions.

SHL's Cognitive Assessments

Our pre-employment cognitive assessment starts by asking candidates a series of interactive questions organized around a central principle linked to something they are likely to encounter in the role.

Verify G+ Test

Measures general mental ability, or G, and effectively measures candidates’ problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities.

SHL Verify Deductive Reasoning

Measures candidates’ ability to draw logical conclusions and complete scenarios based on the information provided. Tasks include reading statements, then determining which subsequent options cannot be true or must be true.

SHL Verify Interactive – Inductive Reasoning

Measures candidates’ ability to draw inferences from, and understand relationships between, various concepts. Tasks include working out the pattern in a set of images and identifying the correct next image.

SHL Verify Interactive – Numerical Reasoning

Measures candidates’ ability to work with numbers and use appropriate mathematics in different situations. Tasks include solving word problems, performing numerical calculations, and interpreting charts and graphs.

Our Assessment Science

SHL's Verify Interactive delivers precise scores indicating candidates' cognitive ability. These scores, along with other SHL talent acquisition data such as behavior and personality assessments, culminate in a well-rounded job score for each candidate. SHL's cognitive assessments aim to empower your teams to make fair and efficient talent choices, leading to business success.

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