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45% More Qualified Software Engineering Candidates in the Hiring Funnel

SHL Coding Simulations help reduce false negatives by 45% and improve hiring signals across programming ability, solution logic, time complexity, and industry-accepted best practices.

Widen your technical talent pipeline without compromising quality of hire.

Go Deeper to Assess and Score the Logic of the Candidate’s Solution

  • Candidates use code stubs to reduce time spent in the assessment and simulate a familiar coding environment.
  • Available for Software Architect, Software Developer, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Data Science, Data Engineering, Full-stack, Front-end, Backend, and more roles.

Assess, Interview, and Hire Faster

  • SHL’s coding skills assessments and interviewing platform use preconfigured questions and tests that produce scores aligned to your hiring bar.
  • Easy-to-interpret candidate scores and detailed code replay help teams agree on what makes a strong candidate and quickly make hiring decisions.

Easy to Use for Candidates and Recruiters

  • 80+ ATS integrations ensure data and process consistency.
  • Custom question authoring available to address unique skillsets or select from 500+ pre-configured tests.
  • Access all assessments and interview scheduling in a platform unique to each candidate.

How Our Coding Simulations Work


Real-Life Problem Solving

SHL's online coding tests allow applicants to solve real-life problems by running and testing their own source code in our IDE.

Real-Life Problem Solving

Coding Skills Report

The coding skills assessment scores the logic of each candidate’s code using a benchmark dataset. Teams receive scores and detailed reports, advancing capable software engineers to the next stage.

Coding Skills Report

Smart Interview Live Coding

Recruiters use Smart Interview Live Coding to conduct interviews with qualified candidates. They utilize our question bank to identify relevant questions and tests for the role.

Smart Interview Live Coding
Real-Life Problem Solving
Coding Skills Report
Smart Interview Live Coding

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