Old screening processes are limited and inefficient.

  • Recruiters spend 7 days on phone interviews for each posting, and shortlisted candidates often fail to live up to the hiring manager’s expectations.

COVID paused face-to-face interviews indefinitely.

  • The pandemic changed the traditional interview process overnight. 86% of organizations now conduct virtual video interviews, and many job candidates are still uncomfortable making the rounds in person.

Businesses need intuitive, scalable video interview tools.

  • With surging applications and the sudden shift to virtual interviewing, more than 50% of recruiters report they are struggling. Companies need reliable technology for fast and insightful digital interviews at scale.

Deliver Exceptional Talent Outcomes with Smart Interview.

Delight and Impress Your Candidates.


Percentage of candidates who rate SHL’s digital interview experience as excellent.

Save Hiring Managers’ Time.


Hours saved by one leading financial services firm by automating the interview process with SHL.

Deliver Faster Hiring Decisions.


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Transform Your Talent Decisions

Make smarter talent decisions with SHL’s award-winning experiences, unrivaled assessments, data-driven people insights, and world-class service.

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