Smart Interview On Demand

SHL’s video interview technology introduces you to thousands of candidates in minutes, each with a personal story to tell.

Meet the People Behind the Résumés

Recruiters select questions from SHL's question bank or add their own to Smart Interview On Demand. Candidates record responses at their convenience, revealing their potential as a valuable team addition.

Automate with Transparent AI

Scale your scoring, and review thousands of responses in minutes. SHL's AI uses validated data sets to assess candidate competency for your role. It standardizes scoring using pre-defined evaluation parameters.

Delight Candidates with an Exceptional Experience

Capture attention with SHL's immersive tech: branded, interactive experiences seamlessly integrated with your ATS. Showcase your role and business through memorable, informative processes.

An Interview Platform Your Recruiters Will Love

Enable intuitive remote interviews and effortless screening with SHL's assessments for deeper insights and leverage Smart Interview technology to enhance the virtual interview experience.

Increase screening speed with SHL.


Shortlist Top Talent Faster

Reduced time-to-hire by 60% across multiple global organizations.


Save Hiring Managers' Time

Financial services firm saved 4,200+ interview hours by automating interview process.


Delight and Impress Your Candidates

89% of candidates rated SHL’s digital interview experience as "excellent."

Explore SHL’s Wide Range of Solutions

With our platform of pre-configured talent acquisition and talent management solutions, maximize the potential of your company’s greatest asset—your people.

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