Benefits of Inline Integration

  • High-volume jobs (Call Center, Retail, Hospitality, Operations) especially benefit from this approach as the assessment is a seamless part of the application process.
  • SHL assessments are mobile optimized for a consumer-grade candidate experience.
  • All candidates complete the assessment as part of the application. Candidate applications are not complete without the assessment allowing clients to focus on the candidates who have completed the process.
  • Clients can use Workday functionality to move candidates forward either manually (per candidate or using Mass Actions) or via rules (Automatic Stage Routing).
  • SHL sends scores and reports into Workday automatically.

Workday Marketplace: Inline

Benefits of Ad Hoc Integration

  • Assessments are included in the Assessment workflow stage of Workday Recruiting. Clients can choose to automatically invite candidates to take the assessment, or select each candidate manually, allowing increased flexibility.
  • Assessments can be configured and delivered at any stage of the recruitment process.
  • Candidates can access assessments in two ways. First, candidates can receive assessment links via email. Second, candidates are directed to the assessment on-screen automatically upon submitting the application. This is done through new Workday functionality and uses a Candidate Home Page Task.
  • SHL sends scores and reports into Workday automatically.

Workday Marketplace: AD-HOC

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