Make more accurate workforce mobility decisions.

  • Finding reliable talent data to inform specific hiring and development decisions is challenging. Generic data yields limited talent mobility strategy.
  • SHL Mobilize provides contextual insights to strategically develop your workforce in line with specific opportunities.

Support team agility with real-time-insight dashboards.

  • Talent decisions are often based on siloed, single-purpose data that’s difficult to analyze.
  • SHL lets you assess your employees once for talent insights that help HR teams make smarter, data-driven decisions for years to come.

Boost employee engagement with targeted development.

  • Talented employees often miss opportunities to fulfill their true potential. They're less engaged and harder to retain.
  • Internal candidates identified by SHL Mobilize are 82% more engaged, yielding higher job satisfaction and better retention.

Improve workforce diversity with data-driven decisions.

  • When unconscious bias finds its way into hiring decisions, it’s harder to meet diversity targets.
  • SHL’s objective assessments remove bias and accurately identify employees capable of being successful in every open role.

Mobilize Your Workforce

SHL’s Mobilize solution helps you make quick and accurate talent decisions while empowering employees to own their development.

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Unlocking the Power of Context

Understand the evolution of leadership science and how context impacts talent mobility decisions.

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Internal candidates recommended by SHL Mobilize perform 22% better in their roles.

SHL Mobilize receives Gold Award

SHL's Mobilize Solution wins 2021 Best Advance in Career Management or Planning Technology presented by the Brandon Hall Group.

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Mobilize talent with unrivaled accuracy and speed.

Use our centralized platform of assessments and insights to successfully mobilize your current workforce, today and in the future.

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Evaluate your workforce with rigorous, predictive assessments.

We assemble the perfect suite of assessment and experience technology to meet every internal mobility challenge. Parameters include:

Assess employees’ behavioral style to help predict success in a given role.

Discover what drives—and hinders—each individual’s performance.

Cognitive ability
Reveal employees’ reasoning, logic, and ability to work with information.

Capture experience data to enhance accuracy in your talent mobility strategy.

Assess once to inform subsequent mobility decisions.

Identify High Potentials
Discover those with the aspiration, ability, and engagement to succeed.

Optimize Teams for Strategic Alignment
Highlight group talent gaps and developmental needs.

Improve Succession Planning
Build effective talent pipelines and uncover hidden gems.

Support Transformation and Organization Design
Continually align talent as your opportunities and challenges change.

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Build enthusiasm and engagement that yield results.

Help employees own their success through automated, personalized development reports aligned to company strategy.

Arm your hiring teams with the agility they need to answer any mobility question with a few clicks of a mouse.

And give leadership confidence that their internal resources can successfully navigate any future challenges.

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Trust our global expert service.

Whatever talent mobility challenges you have, we work with you to understand your needs and fine-tune the perfect solution.

SHL Mobilize delivers improved business outcomes.

Improve performance


Mobilize-recommended candidates are 4x more likely to be rated a top performer once hired.

Accelerate diversity


High-fit individuals identified by Mobilize are 38% more likely to be female.

Increase engagement


Mobilize-identified internal candidates are 82% more engaged than their counterparts.

Maximize Your People’s Potential

Increase the accuracy, objectivity, and impact of all your people decisions with real-time talent insights and analytics.

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