NEW DELHI, April 7th, 2021 /PRNewswire/ SHL, the global leader in people science and people answers, announced today the closure of its Aspiring Minds brand, marking the beginning of a new chapter: one company and one platform for all people answers.

Learn how Aspiring Minds became SHL.

SHL completed the acquisition of Aspiring Minds in April 2020, bringing new, enhanced AI-driven capabilities into SHL’s longstanding deep, and broad array of solutions.  Today’s announcement completes the integration of Aspiring Minds into SHL.

Aspiring Minds customers will continue to enjoy the products they have relied upon, now rebranded as SHL, and enhanced by a wider array of solutions spanning the entire employee lifecycle. The most popular solutions like Autoview (now Smart Interview On-Demand), Codemeet (now Coding Interview), and SVAR (now Language Simulations) are now part of a wider SHL catalog.

Meanwhile, existing SHL customers will continue to benefit from the groundbreaking innovations that made Aspiring Minds such a success, and that have already been incorporated into many existing SHL solutions.

“The joining of Aspiring Minds to SHL has progressed well despite the impact of COVID. We are already operating as one business and the final step is closing the Aspiring Minds brand itself,” said SHL CEO Andy Bradshaw. “And while the brand will no longer exist in the market, all the great products, innovation, and people still remain with us and are a crucial element to driving SHL’s success.”

SHL offers talent acquisition and talent management solutions powered by its 40 years of experience in assessment science, and now adds state-of-the-art, adaptive assessment technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow a standardized, reliable and unbiased measure of people’s skills and capabilities.

“SHL is the market leader for personality, behavior, and ability assessments – operating in 150 countries across 40 languages. Aspiring Minds brought a diverse skills portfolio including simulations, coding assessments, video interviewing, and more to this union. Together, we have the most comprehensive and industry-leading portfolio of talent solutions available,” said Himanshu Aggarwal, co-founder of Aspiring Minds and now SHL’s Chief Growth Officer.

The Aspiring Minds website,, will redirect visitors to For more information on SHL’s solutions visit

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