LONDON, March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – SHL, the leader in talent innovation, announced today that it is offering free access to its entire virtual solution suite to help unite the world’s workforce as businesses adjust and evolve amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As the global workforce begins to work from home and travel becomes restricted, SHL Virtual offers the capability to screen high volumes of candidates, conduct live and recorded interviews and advance development plans.

“SHL has made significant investment in virtual technology and artificial intelligence, including our recent acquisition of Aspiring Minds,” said Andy Bradshaw, CEO. “Our hope is that this package supports our customers as they navigate these unprecedented changes in the world of work.”

SHL Virtual is a market-leading portfolio of products including Live Video Interview, Video Interview, Coding Interview, and the Virtual Assessment and Development Center platform – all of which allow businesses to stay connected throughout their Talent Acquisition and Talent Management programs.

“Our customers’ workforce changed in a matter of hours,” said Arthur Rassias, Chief Revenue Officer. “We knew we had to act fast and do our part to contribute relief to the mounting business challenges brought on by COVID-19. We will continue to listen to our customers and will be announcing additional tools that utilize our data, technology, and experience to help people and companies work in these uncertain times.”

Contact SHL to learn more about SHL Virtual and how to gain access to this ground-breaking suite of solutions.

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