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SHL’s Academic Research Partnership Program is designed to facilitate collaborations between SHL research/data scientists and researchers employed in academic settings to address applied research questions through the use of our talent assessments.

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Benefits of the Research Collaboration as Partners

Use of SHL Assessment Tools
Access to Our Online Testing Platform for Data Collection
Collaborate on Data Analysis
Access to Archival Assessment Data

How the Research Partnership Program Works

Research priorities related to product development efforts are set annually. Research partners are contacted for their potential interest in collaborating on a study.

A research agreement is executed which specifies the terms and conditions of the research and/or data sharing.

If you decide to partner with us, a meeting will be held with an SHL research/data scientist to discuss the nature of the assessment(s) under investigation and the specific research needs. Discussions will focus on the sample size and research design.

SHL will then assist in implementing the research design through the use of our online platform.

After the research is complete, SHL will provide the data for analysis with the goal of presenting and/or publishing the results.

Archival data sets can also be provided to research partners for use in furthering our knowledge about our assessment products. A research agreement will also be executed for sharing archival data sets.

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