The future may be uncertain, but your leadership stability need not be.

You know that the average Gen X leader has more than 20 years of work experience and that they now account for most senior leadership roles globally. So, is your organization ready for the next generation of leaders?

A succession plan is critical to any organization’s future, but with resignations on the rise, the average age of retirement changing, and flatter organizations, creating an effective plan is far from easy. What is more, creating a diverse succession pipeline to meet your organizational goals and priorities can be daunting. With many talents taking alternative paths to the traditional upwards leadership trajectory, it is becoming more difficult to identify successors objectively and effectively; and even more tricky to identify those who want the pressurized, most critical, and senior roles in a business.

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  • Discover the global trends in succession planning
  • Understand how to identify effective leaders using context
  • Explore the steps you should put in place today to ensure your C-Suite is strong for the future

Leader effectiveness depends on context. SHL helps you match leaders to the context in which they will thrive.

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