Aspiring Minds is now SHL

Transforming Talent Solutions in the Pandemic

In the midst of the global pandemic, Aspiring Minds and SH​L were in the process of unifying our solutions that would solve the issues of the new-normal workplace while providing superior technology.

In the tough, uncertain months of 2020, we launched industry-best talent solutions to help our customers navigate through one of the most challenging business environments to date! Many had to quickly pivot from large redundancies to mass hiring all within the span of a few months.

Our new solutions were designed to highlight the talent and agility of our customers’ people so that they not only got through the hardest hit months but could quickly mobilize their staff to thrive when opportunities arose.

We did not stop innovating there… we used the lessons learned to build one platform for all people answers. Now, Aspiring Minds is SHL, and we are excited to share how we are transforming talent solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of today and our future.

  • HGS provides customer experience solutions to top global brands. Since customer experience is directly linked to human connections, on-boarding the right people is essential for our business success. Since April 2018, we have leveraged Aspiring Minds’ assessment technology to create a robust system for recruitment. The solution has helped HGS significantly improve our market connect while ensuring a good candidate experience. I hope HGS continues to excel and innovate with SHL to suit the requirements of the industry.

    Aspiring Minds is Now SHL | Transforming Talent Solutions
    James Job, Senior Vice President, Hinduja Global Solutions
  • This acquisition infuses Aspiring Minds’ advanced AI technology throughout SHL’s portfolio at a platform level and will leverage our rigorous science to enable the technical, emerging and leadership talent required for our 10,000+ customers to succeed in the digital era.

    Aspiring Minds is Now SHL | Transforming Talent Solutions
    Andy Bradshaw, CEO, SHL
  • We are excited about the opportunity to be part of SHL and take our combined products and solutions to thousands of corporations across the globe. Our focus is on real-world applications of AI and we see an opportunity for unprecedented innovation in joining SHL.

    Aspiring Minds is Now SHL | Transforming Talent Solutions
    Himanshu Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer and
    Varun Aggarwal, Chief AI Officer, SHL