high potential, high potential employees

High Potential Identification & Development

Uncover Your Future Leaders

Focus on the Right High Potentials

Leadership roles continue to evolve, making it challenging to identify the right talent for future success. Businesses are struggling with this, focusing on narrow sets of performance data or subjective opinions to identify high-potential talent.

high potential, high potential employees,

95% of HIPO programs fail to drive development follow-through, limiting HIPOs from reaching their full potential.

SHL High Potential Solution

high potential, high potential employees,

Deliver More Value

Leverage highly objective, research-based processes to identify true, diverse high-potential talent, benchmark against your competitors and create targeted, on-the-job learning experiences to drive performance impact.

Research-Based Approach

A clear definition of high-potential talent is an essential foundation for an effective HIPO program. The SHL Model of High Potential helps organizations understand candidates’ aspiration, ability and engagement, providing a more holistic view of candidate potential for success in future leadership roles.

high potential, high potential employees,
SHL Model of High Potential*

Why SHL?

high potential, high potential employees,

Unique Perspective

Research-based insight on what makes HIPOs successful that goes beyond current performance and drives long-term success.

high potential, high potential employees,

Proven Approach

Deep expertise in using the SHL Model of High Potential to identify and develop the HIPO talent most likely to reach and succeed in senior roles.

high potential, high potential employees,

Results Focus

Improve HIPO programs and drive ROI by targeting development investments based on external benchmark data.

Our Approach


Measure factors critical to HIPO success, enabling you to identify HIPOs accurately and benchmark your competitive position.


Review competitive strengths and gaps to facilitate decision making, increase diversity and identify trends in the HIPO pool.


Accelerate development in a targeted, efficient and scalable way to drive performance impact in a real-world context.

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* Source: SHL Model of High-Potential based on research by SHL and Gartner