Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment

SHL Technology Hiring Solution

Fast and High Quality Technical Recruitment

Attracting and hiring tech talent remotely is no easy feat. Assessing technical skills, providing a highly engaging candidate experience, and extending offers quickly are all part of the challenge.

SHL’s solution boosts tech recruitment by automating the assessment process and delighting candidates and hiring managers every step of the way. Cast the net wider by attracting more quality candidates, and cut the time in half to hire tech talent.

92% of candidates
have multiple offers on the table.

  • Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment
  • Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment

Attract Candidates with an Immersive, Engaging Experience

Make your organization stand out with an unparalleled assessment experience. Enable candidates to learn more about your business, share experiences of previous tech recruits, and provide the tools for candidates to showcase their unique capabilities.

Discover Fit with Remote, Auto-Proctored Assessment SHL’s unrivaled portfolio of predictive coding assessments and interviews reduce the hiring manager workload and enable you to assess tech potential remotely.

Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment

Coding Simulations

Evaluate programming capabilities in an intuitive online coding environment, available with 50+ languages.

Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment

Technical Skills

Screen candidates with our deep and continuously updated catalog of technology tests for Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, Cloud, Full stack, and more. 

Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment

Live Coding Interviews

Increase the rigor and impact of technical interviews with interactive whiteboards and evaluator collaboration.

AI and Data-Driven Insights That Predict Business Outcomes

SHL’s tech hiring solution provides rich AI insights that help you make data-driven hiring decisions and hire the right tech talent faster. Detailed reports provide in-depth candidate profiles and our AI-powered anti-cheating technology and plagiarism check maintain the highest levels of test validity and integrity. 

  • Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment
  • Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment
  • Technology Hiring Solution | Technical Recruitment

Automate Tech Hiring and Remotely Attract the Best Tech Talent

Expand Your Reach

Reduce Time to Hire

Make Talent Choose You

The Need to Futureproof Tech Hiring

It’s time to dump the old code, reboot processes, and futureproof your tech hiring with AI-powered,experience-driven technology.

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