Good talent is becoming harder to find.

A competitive labor market and on-going workforce disruptions have made it difficult for people-driven professional services businesses to satisfy and fulfill their client’s needs.


Recruitment Challenges

In a globalized and competitive landscape, firms need to differentiate themselves to attract top talent and quickly convert the best candidates.

Recruitment Challenges

Retaining Talent

To prevent employee poaching, you need to create a powerful development plan for meaningful employee journeys. However, targeting development on a large scale can be difficult and inaccurate.

Retaining Talent

Identify Diverse Talent

Subjective measures in selecting professionals can introduce bias. Use tools to consistently and objectively identify the diverse talent you require.

Identify Diverse Talent
Recruitment Challenges
Retaining Talent
Identify Diverse Talent

SHL Mobilize

Differentiate your firm from the competition and ensure your teams have science-backed, objective processes to mobilize the best talent and meet each client’s specific needs.

Discover SHL Mobilize

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Manage professional services talent with long-tail data.

Use the talent data gathered during the hiring process to inform ongoing talent management decisions, by leveraging one intuitive platform powered by a comprehensive multi-purpose talent database.

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Mobilize the right professionals for every situation.

SHL’s contextual insights let you immediately identify—with 4x the accuracy—the professional services employees best placed to help each customer with an individual goal or challenge.

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Retain your talent and develop powerful teams.

Objective data and insights let you identify and address group and individual development needs, ensuring your employees constantly evolve, stay highly engaged, and always deliver maximum value to your clients.

SHL Insights

4x Increased accuracy of talent decisions for companies leveraging the power of SHL's contextual data.

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