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4 Reasons Why I Am Grateful to Be at SHL This Holiday Season

Our customers, our people, our innovative spirit and our new colleagues provide many reasons to be thankful.

As the Chief Revenue Officer at SHL, I often tell my team that the reason we come to work every day is not just to do the job to the best of our ability, but for another reason as well: to provide ourselves and our families the means to do the things that really matter, away from the office. Our work provides the means for family vacations, education, charitable activities and yes, the mortgage and rent. Our work, as important as it is, is a means to an end.

Every year around this time, the United States celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday, and our teams in the U.S. gather for a traditional “potluck” meal (see photo) – an intentional time set aside for our coworkers to recount all the reasons to be grateful for each other, for the talents, skills, and fun they bring to the office every day.

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To that end, I thought I would share four reasons why I am particularly grateful to be at SHL this holiday season.

#1 - Our Customers

I’ve spent much of 2019 on the road, meeting customers around the world. They are what drives us every day, and I’ve been inspired by the initiatives they are undertaking to reshape their business models to optimize their most valuable asset: their people.

Seeing the impact that SHL’s solutions have in these diverse global enterprises makes me proud of the work we’re doing – and thankful for the partnership, collaboration and yes, the challenges our customers throw at us every day.

#2 - Our Team

As I mentioned, our teams intentionally sit down for a meal together at this time of year. This kind of community fuels our encouragement for one another and helps us to grow stronger in our commitment to our mission and to making SHL a better place to work.

I’ve heard stories from these workplace feasts that make me feel good about the innovative and successful culture we are building. The challenges we face in our everyday lives are very real, and taking this time out helps us build on our values so we can better serve our customers and lead a more complete life. At SHL, we value strong connections, curiosity, fearless innovation, and impact. I see these characteristics demonstrated across our teams and I’m grateful to them for bringing this openness to work.

#3 - Our Forward Movement

SHL is innovating at a staggering pace. Our research and product teams have been hard at work this past year to deliver some of the most exciting, trusted and transparent approaches to building a talent strategy.

And their work is being recognized. We’ve won multiple awards this year, including Verify Interactive being named one of Human Resource Executive’s Top HR Products of 2019. It’s an honor to receive this recognition, and honestly, it just feels good when your hard work pays off. We will continue to challenge ourselves in 2020 to deliver a fully integrated digital platform that helps our customers use objective people data to transform their workforce. I’m thankful to have such a talented, diverse team in place helping to drive this innovation.

#4 - New Colleagues, New Solutions

Last, and definitely not least, I am grateful and pleased to welcome the team from Aspiring Minds to SHL following our recent acquisition announcement. They are an ingenious group who will be a natural fit into our culture and also make it stronger. They have designed and delivered market-leading artificial intelligence capabilities that will transform SHL’s portfolio to help our collective customers. 2019 is ending on an inspiring note and I know 2020 will continue to build on the momentum we have worked on ceaselessly in 2019.

So, from me and my family, as well as our larger SHL family, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., or wherever you might be reading this. I hope you take a moment to ponder all the reasons you have to be grateful as well. If you’re like me, it’s a very long list.

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Arthur Rassias

Arthur spearheads SHL’s global performance, strategy and revenue alignment across all operations. Formerly Head of Sales & Consulting Services for Factiva and a managing director both at Dow Jones (Client Solutions) and Thomson Reuters, Arthur utilizes his expertise in sales, marketing, and distribution strategy to strengthen strategic relationships with clients and partners. His intuition, enthusiasm, and keen insight are essential to the current strength and future growth of SHL.

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