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Learn how to discover hidden talent by using context and how you can make people decisions with superior accuracy and efficiency


The pandemic has shifted the fabric of the modern workplace and work relations. In the past one year or so, professionals have braved multiple battles at work and in their personal lives, communities, and social groups. Problems ranging from faulty internet to loss of family members, people have seen it all and braved difficult circumstances gracefully. Outgoing personalities braved social isolation, working mothers learnt the art of engaging kids while they worked, and millions of professionals braved the “work in your PJs trap”.

Ever considered looking into the various personality adjustments and emotional changes that your employees had to overcome just to deliver their best performance at work? These changes are not only subjective and unique to individuals but also highly indicative of the dedication and agility of your workforce.

Nearly 7 in 10 employees feel that the pandemic has been the most stressful time of their entire professional career. It is important to use this context to identify the hidden talent who have braved the worst of situations to deliver outcomes at work. These are the real gems that can navigate difficult situations in the future. It is equally important to identify and support talent that needs more nurturing.

SHL’s talent mobility solution, Mobilize, uses the power of context to align people to the roles and opportunities they will excel in. Mobilize empowers your business to make any talent mobility decision with more accuracy and with greater agility than ever before. It helps to ensure your people, teams, and business deliver the best possible results, are well aligned, and more engaged, retained, and diverse.

Nearly 7 in 10 employees feel that the pandemic has been the most stressful time of their entire professional career.

Finding and mobilizing hidden talent

Mobilize helps you keep people at the center of business transformation and directs them to the right career path. You can:

  • Get real-time people insights to find your biggest assets: The end-to-end talent mobility solution of talent assessments and real-time people insights will empower you with the wisdom to take right people decisions. This would help you make mobility decisions with 4x the accuracy, unrivalled speed and agility, and at any frequency to help you identify the best hidden talent.
  • Immediately take multiple talent decisions: While you Identify your high potential workforce, use Mobilize to strategically align and develop leaders, identify the best-fit candidates for succession and support transformation and organization design to fill talent gaps for long-term success.
  • Get tangible business outcomes to help everyone win: Increase employee and business performance, deliver greater organizational diversity, increase employee engagement, dramatically increase HR efficiency and mobility decision accuracy.

At SHL, we are committed to bringing the best out of what professionals can offer. Our talent mobility solution delivers unrivalled science that is easy to digest, making people decision-making a breeze. This helps you plan the growth path of your people and organizations with superior efficiency so that everyone wins together. It also helps you identify hidden talent who can truly make your organizations succeed.

Let’s make our workplace fairer and more productive, as we move towards a post-pandemic world and make science the centre of all decisions for superior accuracy.

Find out more about SHL’s Mobilize solution.

Read about our award-winning science (SIOP award) behind Mobilize in our whitepaper.

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Niyaatii Swami

Niyaatii is the former Senior Manager-Global PR and Communications at SHL. She specializes in Brand Marketing, Global PR strategies, and External Communications. She has over six years of experience in building brand strategies for organizations. Niyaatii is also a published writer, having written a book on PCOS and mental health called 'Shades of Blue: A Period Drama'. Her book has garnered 50+ amazon reviews and critical appreciation from experts. She believes in developing communications and fostering discussions that go beyond business and make life and work easier and more efficient for key stakeholders.

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