How, where, and who we work with has changed forever – and people managers have likely felt this more than anyone else. But, while we rely on them to be the bridge between senior leaders and teams, translate corporate messages, personalize work, and build genuine connection with individuals, organizations often lack a rigorous process for identifying those that have the ability and aspiration to manage others well.

The skills and behaviors required for success in people management have evolved, and businesses must move fast to support, develop and empower their managers to enable long-lasting success.

 In this session we explore the new mission for people managers in the emerging world of work. Using assessment data from over 9,000 people managers, we examine the readiness of this population to deliver on critical outcomes, and share recommendations on how to support, nurture and grow a core layer of super-managerial strength in businesses today. 

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand how our new world of work has reshaped the role and objectives of people management
  • Explore the emerging skills and behaviors required for success
  • Learn how to identify great managers through examining the readiness of current people managers to deliver emerging objectives
  • Discover ways to develop, support, and optimize people management capability today and in the future

Watch the webinar replay below:

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