The Talent Development Landscape Is Changing

Businesses are facing constant uncertainty at a rate of change that isn’t slowing down. They must be prepared to face any unforeseen challenge. But because we can’t predict the future, all organizations can do is be prepared for it. This is done by understanding the talent landscape and if your business has the capabilities to ensure it thrives through any threat or opportunity.

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Without an in-depth knowledge of in-house talent, employees will be under-utilized, and less engaged, and business and personal performance will suffer. However, a true understanding of people through talent analytics enables businesses to not only meet any upcoming challenges but also engage employees and maximize their potential. Eventually, this also helps plug talent gaps by informing both talent acquisition and talent development strategies.

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We pulled together some of the most requested topics of content in curated collections to help get quick access to everything you need to know about trends and the future of talent acquisition and talent management.

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Why Choose SHL’s Talent Management Tools

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Why Talent Management Is Important

Strategically align talent for better results.


Leaders identified by SHL have 22% higher performance on average.

Retain talent and deliver commercial sustainability.


SHL identified employees have 82% higher engagement.

Promote fairness and diversity.


You are 38% more likely to identify a woman as a high-fit leader with SHL insights.


With SHL you are 4x more likely to identify high-performing leaders.

Our Talent Management Solutions Are Built on 4 Key Capabilities

Multipurpose Talent Data to Support All Your Critical People Decisions

With a single source of talent data, use our scientifically validated models to increase the objectivity and accuracy of all your critical talent management decisions.

World-leading Science from Our Unmatched Portfolio of Assessments and Products

Data is captured by the industry’s broadest and most robust suite of talent assessments and products. Our science is built on 10 million annual assessments, 45 billion data points, and delivered by over 300 people scientists.

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Digital Dashboarding and Analytics On-demand

Actionable insights are delivered in easy-to-interpret, real-time talent analytics dashboards.

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Achieve Your Goals with Our Global Expert Services

Our services are delivered in 150 countries, in 40+ languages, and with a net Promoter Score of 95+. You can trust SHL to understand your needs and goals and deliver the perfect solution.

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Make Transformation Possible for Your People

When you inspire and transform your people’s lives, you will experience the greatest business outcomes possible. SHL’s products, insights, experiences, and services can help you achieve this growth at scale.

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