Your HIPOs are the hottest talent on the market. At a time when flight risk is at its highest, correctly identifying, managing, and retaining your HIPOs is crucial to the future success of your organization.

However, many HIPO programs fail because of the misidentification of future leaders, leading to investment in the wrong people. 46% of organizations lack a systematic process for identifying their high-potential employees – so the chances of making the wrong decision are high. 

Replay the webinar below to:

  • Discover what a true HIPO looks like, and why they are so critical to organizational success.
  • Understand some of the barriers many organizations are currently experiencing when it comes to HIPO identification.
  • Learn a best-in-class approach that SHL uses to support clients in accurate identification.

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Measuring employee engagement is a crucial step in HIPO identification. Increase talent retention and secure future performance with SHL.

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