The #1 reason employees are quitting their jobs is the lack of career development and advancement.

Although most organizations have development programs in place, HR has traditionally focused investment on “top talent” – succession planning, future leaders, and high-potential identification – leaving a huge proportion of the workforce unsupported in their career journey. Hence, we believe the key to tackling talent crisis is through employee retention.

By focusing on a select few, you could be:

  • Losing top talent: you might not have known you had it and did not invest – but your competitors will!
  • Restricting internal mobility: Do you have talent underperforming in one role? Who could be achieved in a different role?
  • Restricting diversity: Did you know that women are far less likely to self-select into high-performance programs? And that manager bias can limit the diversity of those selected and promoted?

To ensure businesses can continue to perform well from the top to the bottom it is essential that all talent is identified, supported, engaged, developed, and utilized.

Do you have the science and technology aligned to support this broader approach?

Replay the webinar below to discover how to bring data and analytics together to provide a scalable, effective way to manage, identify and develop talent across the entire organization.

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