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SHL’s Smart Interview: The Smarter Way to Meet Talent Remotely

Identifying the best talent from thousands of applications is no easy feat. 64% of managers share that resumes do not live up to expectations and, with the current surge in applications due to all-time high unemployment, there will be many more to analyze.

Face-to-face interviews have been severely impacted, too. 86% of organizations now conduct interviews virtually, but more than half of recruiters say they are finding it difficult to execute them successfully. So even when you get through that mountain of resumes, how do you deliver a compelling virtual interview experience that converts?

Learn how SHL’s Smart Interview replaces manual screening and subpar video interviews with automation and digital technology. Meet thousands of candidates within minutes, provide an interactive and collaborative interview environment and ensure you always win the top talent. 

Key takeaways:

  • Why we must go further: manual screening and interview technology need to evolve
  • Meet people, not just experience: Get to know the people behind the resume and significantly increase the diversity of your talent pipeline
  • Automate and optimize: How to generate an accurate shortlist of top talent 

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