Early careers roles remain critical for the future success of your organization, therefore hiring recent graduates should be viewed as a strategic investment.  

Are you certain that your organization can depend on the talent you've hired and the skills they offer to secure future success? If you find yourself grappling with the challenges of effectively recruiting recent graduates, you're not alone.  

We encourage you to watch our webinar replay, where we will delve into the dynamics of successful and unsuccessful approaches to recruiting and nurturing early careers talent. 

Daniel Farrar, Next Gen Talent Lead at Visa, imparted insights from his role in managing a thriving graduate program. These insights will encompass:

  • Overcoming hiring obstacles and celebrating successes  
  • Visa's strategies for enhancing the onboarding and growth of their graduate recruits  
  • Striking the right balance between skills, potential, and fit during candidate assessments  
  • Mastering the art of providing a positive candidate experience  

Watch the webinar replay below:


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