On average, 22% of potential value from change is lost due to poor strategy and misaligned talent management.

Measuring Talent Potential to Drive Business Results; Do you know how your company can measure potential and fit to meet your business objectives and goals? It's time to stop being reactive to your talent data — be proactive and gain the insights needed on how to support the growth and transformation for your organization.

SHL’s talent audit provides a clear picture of your talent and a roadmap of future potential.

A hyper-competitive global economy has organizations reexamining their business models and strategies to ensure they are adapting to remain competitive.

But only 6% of organizations are able to shift from survival to growth.

To be able to change the growth of your workforce. Understanding capabilities takes data – and not just any data, the right data.

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  • Barriers to using talent data.
  • How to measure talent to drive business results.
  • Keys to success for business transformation.

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