Our "Using People Insight to Make Hybrid Work" report provided key insights to enable organizations to reinvent and improve work experiences for the next phase of hybrid work through data-led approaches to talent acquisition and talent management.

SHL’s “Action Checklist for Talent Acquisition in a Hybrid World” breaks down five steps with action items in each step, to help leaders and managers successfully hire and onboard new employees in a hybrid work environment.

Read this five-step guide to learn how to:

  • Commit to fair and transparent talent processes using objective data.
  • Critically evaluate your culture, prioritizing trust and belonging.
  • Facilitate continuous learning and connection.
  • Re-define the role of managers, empowering them to lead with empathy.
  • Build objective and dynamic people data to optimize organizational agility.

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Read SHL’s “Action Checklist for Talent Management in a Hybrid World” to learn the five best practices to develop and mobilize talent in a hybrid workplace. 

Discover our collection of best practices for building and sustaining a successful hybrid work culture.

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