Accelerate transformation with right-fit sales talent.

  • For 65% of organizations, sales team productivity is the #1 challenge.
  • Transform and optimize your teams by identifying and aligning star performers with best-fit roles using SHL’s predictive assessments and actionable insights.


Unleash growth, even as buyer behavior evolves.

  • 60% of the buying cycle is completed online now...before your sales team is contacted.
  • SHL’s sales hiring solution identifies top sellers who can quickly convert customers in the digital world.


Acquire top sales talent before the competition.

  • It typically takes 38+ days to fill an open sales position.
  • Engage the best candidates with immersive, branded sales hiring experiences that quickly set your company apart from competitors.

SHL Insights

50% of organizations say they do not have the right sales talent in place. 

Deliver sales success with SHL

Assemble a strong, future-proof sales team by measuring critical competencies proven to drive success today. SHL’s trusted solution is backed by powerful research across 80,000 sellers and organizations.

Retain Top Sales Candidates

SHL's interactive sales hiring ensures top candidate engagement, preventing talent loss to competitors. Build a strong connection with applicants by showcasing your company during the process.

Retain Top Sales Candidates

Evaluate Critical Sales Skills

Evaluate sales candidates using SHL's Sales Transformation Model or your own competency framework. Our assessments offer an objective process for candidates to showcase their sales skills.

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Hire Sales Teams that Exceed Quotas

Get detailed candidate reports to identify top sales talent and future star salespeople efficiently. SHL's actionable insights help you hire top-performing sellers.

Hire Sales Teams that Exceed Quotas

Make an impression with personalized feedback.

Conclude each applicant's sales hiring journey with an engaging, personalized video highlighting their strengths. Leave an impression on each candidate, through a thoughtful company experience.

Retain Top Sales Candidates
Hire Sales Teams that Exceed Quotas

Deliver exceptional sales outcomes with SHL.


Hire Sellers Who Perform.

SHL-identified sellers are three times likelier to achieve higher sales.


Deliver Value to Customers.

Increased likelihood your sellers will be rated as top performers, when closely collaborating with customers.


Delight All Your Candidates.

Percentage of candidates who named our customer their top choice after experiencing SHL’s branded solution.