Make smarter people decisions

SHL assessments integrate seamlessly with Lumesse Talent Acquisition Solutions, to help organisations identify the right candidates who will stay, perform, and help maximise business performance.

Organisations that integrate assessments with Lumesse provide a more seamless candidate experience and reap the rewards of reduced costs and time to hire—giving them a better chance to catch the best talent. Lumesse work with both global and smaller clients to understand their unique requirements and craft a solution to support their success.


Integrating talent assessments with your ATS:

  • Significantly reduces costs and HR time by up to 60% through process automation
  • Increases objectivity through valid, unbiased and job relevant assessment
  • Maximise the quality of hires to reduce wasted attraction spend and improve ROI
  • Improves brand appeal through a streamlined candidate experience

Integration Features

Integrating talent assessments with your ATS:

  • Scientifically proven job relevant assessments in 30 languages across 40 industry sectors
  • Real-time objective job fit scores and reports
  • Data driven candidate ranking
  • Flexible and easy to use reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Automated HR administrative process
  • Mobile access to key recruiting features across devices (smartphones and tablets)

Lumesse TalentLink

Lumesse TalentLink customers have direct access to our assessments and reports for most jobs in most industries, which dramatically enhances the recruitment process and quality of key people decisions that drive business outcomes.


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