Tech talent holds the key to success.

With tech industry demand surging, quickly hiring exceptional talent and strategically developing your existing tech workforce is more critical than ever.


Scarcity of Future-Ready Developers

Skilled developers in sought-after areas like cloud, data science, mobile development, AI, and ML are rare. You need to hire agile developers capable of swiftly learning new skills to stay competitive.

Scarcity of Future-Ready Developers

Diversity and Performance

75% of diverse and inclusive companies exceed financial targets. However, DEIBA goals are elusive as the tech industry struggles to source diverse tech talent at scale.

Diversity and Performance

Overcoming Data Gaps in Tech Industry

Rapid advancements in the tech industry demand continuous upskilling, but actionable workforce data revealing skill gaps is often lacking, siloed, or outdated.

Overcoming Data Gaps in Tech Industry
Scarcity of Future-Ready Developers
Diversity and Performance
Overcoming Data Gaps in Tech Industry

SHL Technology Hiring

Convert diverse, talented IT and tech talent faster, and modernize your talent development programs with a single platform combining proven science, immersive technology, and solid data.

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SHL talent solutions drive real business outcomes.


Competitive Tech Hiring

SHL Tech Hiring automates hiring of higher-quality candidates, cuts time-to-hire by 60%, and increases efficiency.


Diversify Tech Teams

SHL extends reach, enabling tech recruiters to find, meet, and assess a more diverse pool of candidates.


Develop High Performing Teams

SHL insights provide 3x baseline clarity for targeting individual and group development to our customer.

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With our platform of pre-configured talent acquisition and talent management solutions, maximize the potential of your company’s greatest asset—your people.

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