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Top 5 Learnings from Diwali to Boost your Work Performance

Diwali is here! Read this blog to learn some important lessons that you can apply in the workplace so you can stay refreshed, happy, and healthy.

The rows of glittering earthen diyas and lights, the smell of sweet delicacies, the warmth of family reunions, and the slight chill in the air mark the onset of India’s most beautiful and biggest Hindu festivals—Diwali or Deepavali. Being celebrated now for thousands of years to mark the return of Lord Ram after 14 years of living in exile, the festival has surely evolved over the years. But there are some intrinsic values and customs that still hold true. And these age-old traditions provide us with some valuable learnings that we can incorporate into our lives to boost our performance and live a fulfilling work life.

Here are my top 5 picks for lessons we can learn from Diwali:

  1. Edit and organize – I still remember every Diwali meant deep cleaning of the house. My mother would clean up every drawer and closet in the nook and corner of our house. This always resulted in giving away old stuff and often finding hidden gems like an old, forgotten toy or book.

    In our professional life, we should take time out to clean up our desks, emails, and folders. I have done it and believe me it reduces clutter and enhances productivity. And just like the old toy, you often stumble upon an old, yet fulfilling assignment that brings back a smile and lessons learned from that assignment.

  2. Reconnecting with your network – Diwali is one time where we meet not only our active circle of friends and immediate family but also connect with some old friends and distant relatives—even if it is just a message on social media.

    Likewise, in our professional life, we should try reconnecting with old colleagues, team members, and superiors every Diwali. Your professional network plays a pivotal role in your career growth. But people will value your relationship if you regularly keep in touch with them and not reach out only when you are looking for a job change.

  3. Work-life balance – Diwali is the holiday season, and we all tend to spend a lot of time shopping, attending parties, and decorating our houses. But sometimes when the holidays come to an end, we still do not feel rejuvenated.

    So, in this Diwali try to slow down and reflect on the journey so far. Rekindle your hobbies, kick-start a workout routine, or start meditating every day. Find the simple activities that bring joy and calm to your life. The pandemic has taught us some important lessons especially on the importance of focusing on our holistic and mental well-being. A healthy mind and body are the foundation of a thriving and fulfilling personal and professional life.

  4. Focusing on the positives, while working through the not-so-positive – Diwali is celebrated to welcome the victorious Ram who fought the evil for the good of society at large. The lights, food, and festivities all are about spreading positivity and happiness all around.

    Every workplace has its positives and not so positives too. The secret to long-term success is to focus on the positives while identifying the best ways to handle the improvement areas. If you go online, you will see many people struggling with the same issues as yours. And you can also get good advice too. So, never shy away from asking for help to get through the problem areas at your work. People leaders should also take the responsibility of reaching out to their teams and extending help whenever needed.

  5. Focus on the gift of giving – Last but not least Diwali is about exchanging gifts and good wishes with your loved ones. As a kid that was the most exciting part of the festival. For many years now, Daan Utsav is celebrated just before Diwali from 2nd – 8th October every year, where several individuals and corporations contribute to various philanthropic initiatives and help people in need.

    As professionals, apart from donating we can also develop the act of giving by coaching, mentoring, and collaborating with our colleagues and junior team members. Nominate yourself to mentor young, fresh talent or join advisory councils to share your knowledge and experience with others. We often do not realize, but as senior team members, we have a lot to offer to others and should never miss an opportunity to give back to our teams and organization.

On this upcoming festival of Diwali, let us all try to not only rejoice in the festivities but also try to bring in some of the learnings from this festival to grow and prosper in our professional life. 


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Priyani Ahuja

Priyani is the Global Product Marketing Lead for Talent Acquisition Solutions at SHL. She has over 15 years of experience in product marketing, go-to marketing, content development, pre-sales and software development. She has managed marketing function for global businesses to build demand and drive adoption of products and solutions. She thrives on the opportunity to solve the “why” and “what is in it” for customers. Her desire to be a lifelong learner makes her love learning all things product marketing.

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