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3 Things People Leaders Need to be Prepared for

As managing remote teams becomes a long term reality, how can we make sure our people leaders are ready for the workforce of tomorrow?

Amidst COVID-19, people managers have been hit hard. Beyond the ongoing swirl of the global pandemic and dealing with their own health and personal lives in that context, they have a responsibility to their employer to also support their teams.

As hiring, whether external or internal, picks up again and promotions are being considered, do not leave your manager population behind. Make sure managers are prepared for:

  • Ongoing employee conversations

Organizations with monthly or ongoing performance check-ins are up to 1.5 times more effective at engaging and retaining employees than those with an annual process” (Forbes). Organizations are investing to shift the focus away from an annual performance review cycle and move to continuous performance management with “more than 75 percent investing in more continuous, data-driven performance processes”.

  • Managing more remote staff - even more remotely than before

Even back in 2018, Forbes reported that “Remote work is no longer a privilege…it’s become the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population.” And on the other side of the globe, “Fifty-one percent of businesses in China say they have a flexible workspace policy” according to IWG. These percentages are most likely to continue in an upward trend amidst the massive number of jobs that have shifted to remote working arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, managers need to be ready for the upcoming long-term reality of managing a hybrid or remote team.

“Organizations with monthly or ongoing performance check-ins are up to 1.5 times more effective at engaging and retaining employees than those with an annual process”(Forbes)

Enhancing team effectiveness

People managers have always been reliant on getting work done through others. They also need to help their staff connect and work with others, especially today, as many organizations ready themselves for what we all hope will be more rampant economic growth in the coming months. That need for greater effectiveness takes on a new sense of urgency. Managers have an outsized influence on the development and effectiveness of their team, so finding top-tier managers really can make a difference, not only for that individual hire but also for the benefit of the entire team. Organizations are also creatively expanding the impact of individual line manager efforts through the addition of learning circles.

Managing remote teams is here to stay. Let’s make sure to enable our people leaders to be ready for the workforce of tomorrow. To learn more on these topics, check out our tips for remote working, and these podcasts on engaging employees and learning circles.

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Donna Weiss

Donna Weiss heads our Global Graduate and Managerial Solutions from our U.S. based Arlington, Virginia office. She has steered talent acquisition product initiatives since 2015, guiding the product development and growth of innovative hiring solutions that help companies hire the best talent. Prior to SHL, Donna spent over a decade at CEB, now Gartner creating HR product offerings and overseeing lines of business that serve Recruiting, Learning, and Talent Management executives and their teams. Prior to joining CEB, Donna held brand management and consumer and market insight roles at Unilever, and Marketing and Planning Systems (MaPS), now part of Kantar. She has been quoted and published in various publications including Talent Management Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Journal of Corporate Recruiting, and Chief Learning Officer magazine. Both her bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations and MBA are from Cornell University.

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