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How to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

Sit too much? Read our tips for staying active at work and improving your well-being despite having to sit at your desk all day.

I have been working at SHL for almost a year and a half and most of my job is being at a desk or sitting in front of my laptop unless I am at an event organizing and helping, since I work from home. As much as I love working from home, like everything else, it has slight disadvantages. I am generally someone who cannot sit still, I get tired or bored very easily. So, when I started working from home, it was a change from my usual routine which always included some kind of activity or movement.

I am also someone who cannot multi-task so if I am at my desk working, I cannot concentrate on two things, or else I do not do it to the best of my ability. If I am working on a deadline, answering emails, or rolling out a campaign, I do not move no matter how long or how many hours it takes. However, having some movement, burning some calories, and making sure that you are always moving are extremely important for your overall well-being, which is why I found these tips to be most helpful to keep in my fitness regime.

This blog is for people who are into fitness, and those who are not, so read on if you could use my 8 helpful tips for staying active at work and keeping your body moving at a desk job!

How to stay active at your desk job throughout the day

  1. Stretch it out! Wake up 30-45 minutes before your working hours and stretch. You could do it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes. But when you stretch, your body feels less tight, you feel fresh when sitting at your desk, and you feel a lot more focused. I do this at least 3 times a week before my workday (I try doing it every day but waking up early is also not the easiest for me!). I stick to 3 days and when I am more comfortable and used to the routine, I will increase it as time goes by.
  2. Try something new! Fun fact: I live by the beach—I am a 24-year-old and I cannot swim! So, since the end of last year, I have been on and off with my swimming lessons as I do not enjoy the water. However, it is a very important skill for one to have and, it keeps your body moving in a different environment. When I started swimming lessons, I realized how much better I feel after every lesson. Again, I do not enjoy it, so I do this once in 2 weeks and if I am feeling good, I do it once a week, after my workday. But I am dedicated to doing it at least bi-weekly as it keeps me motivated and keeps my body moving.
  3. Challenge your body! This is something I constantly did in the past, I have tried numerous fitness/ self-defense classes. I have done dancing, kickboxing, sport, and running. However, ever since I started working, I stopped. Due to the intensity of the day or the fact that I finish closer to the afternoon, and I get lazy, I realized that I stopped challenging my body. So recently, apart from swimming, I have joined a hoop aerial class and it has been a blessing. I am still a beginner and probably one of the worst in the class, but there is nothing I love more than to challenge myself. I go for 1-2 lessons every week after work, and it has been incredible. I realize that as I challenge myself and my body, I also start feeling more confident in who I am and my work. Because I am doing something new out of work, and out of my comfort zone–my normal routine feels challenged and I enjoy that.
  4. Timeout for walks! Now, I know I said I cannot multitask, so this is probably the most difficult for me. When I feel really maxed out and need a second, I take 5 minutes out of my workday for a quick walk around the house. If you are in the office, walk around the office. Just walk a little away from your laptop. This helps in keeping your body moving and allows you to have fresh new ideas because you are not in one place!


I realize that as I challenge myself and my body, I also start feeling more confident in who I am and my work.


5. Do your favorite exercise often! Now, I know a lot of us (including myself) find exercise to be really time-consuming. Firstly, after a long day of work, you must change, wear gym wear, drive to the gym, and then start your workout. Although, the aftereffects are fruitful, the process to get there is not easy. So, I found an easier way of doing this rather than going through the entire process. I do my favorite exercise after work, or even before work just at least 3-4 sets with 10-12 reps. This helps me stay motivated and I enjoy myself. I do it in the comfort of my home with absolutely no effort of driving or changing. This keeps my body moving but also allows for a good flow during your workday.

6. Step out for fresh air! Instead of walking around in your usual environment, be it your office or your home, step out for some fresh air. This will help you take in some fresh oxygen but also allow your body to have a change in environment. It keeps you motivated and seeing new things may help with a challenge that you have been faced with at work.

7. Stay consistent! Whatever you do from these points, it could be stretching, swimming, dancing, stay consistent. Do one of them and commit to it. I try a few different things to fuel myself. But I also realize that I must be consistent and stick to one of them at least no matter how my routine or day changes. And I went with the stretching 3 times and aerial hoop classes once a week. These, I found to be the most helpful in keeping my body moving. 

8. Dance it out! I love music, I love rhythm, I love beats! I am no dancer but if there is one thing, I know that gives me that extra boost of energy and keeps my body moving, it is dancing! When I am having a tough day at work, or I am finding it hard to concentrate, I put my headphones on, play my favorite music and dance with myself at my desk! I found it to be super helpful in moving my body, as well as keeping me happy.

Every person is different, and everyone has their own ways of keeping themselves fit and moving. However, I find that working at a desk job makes it hard for one to do that, so these tips really helped me in keeping myself fit. SHL has always encouraged work-life balance and I am grateful to be working in a company that allows me to take the necessary steps to keep my mental and physical health in check. These are the ways I keep my body moving and staying active at a desk job, being the active person that I am, and I hope you find them helpful too!

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Lamia Hossain

Lamia Dil Hossain is an Honors graduate in BCom Marketing. She is a hard-working individual who will never back down from a challenge. She loves working with people and has a passion to excel in her career in Marketing. She has innovative ideas and makes the most of everything given to her. She hopes to grow and create in the marketing world. Her dream is to always have an opportunity to keep doing what she loves.

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