High-quality agents are crucial for BPOs.

Candidate satisfaction is more important than ever, but BPOs across the world are struggling to hire, retain, and develop engaging agents in these challenging times.


Job Applicaion Increase

With low entry barriers and high rewards, there has been a staggering 112% increase in applications for contact center roles.

Job Applicaion Increase

Outdated Hiring Processes

A rise in multilingual and remote contact centers increases demand for agents proficient in non-native languages and remote working. Assessing candidates using outdated methods can result in poor fit.

Outdated Hiring Processes

Remote BPO Employee Development

Agents face increasing pressure due to complex calls and impatient customers. Remote support, training, and development pose a complex challenge for improving their performance.

Remote BPO Employee Development
Job Applicaion Increase
Outdated Hiring Processes
Remote BPO Employee Development

SHL Contact Center Solution

SHL's end-to-end solution transforms your talent decisions with engaging assessments, simulations, and data-driven people insights to identify, hire, and develop high-performing contact center agents.

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SHL talent solutions drive real business outcomes.


Manage High Applicant Volume

A global BPO assessed 8,000 candidates in just one month using SHL.


Source High Performers

SHL-identified high scoring candidates handled 1,719 more calls per representative annually.


Elevate Customer Service

High-scoring candidates show a 1.3x increased likelihood of receiving high CSAT ratings.

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