Many B2B sales teams are struggling today, and more than 50% of organizations believe they do not have the right sales talent to succeed. As businesses shift to an increasingly digital sales model and buyers expect to self-serve throughout most of the purchasing process, the make-up of star sellers has changed. Hence, understanding what you need to build a winning sales team is crucial.

The success of the sales function is critical to organizational growth, but do your salespeople have what it takes to succeed?

Three mega-trends are shaping the way we buy, sell, and digitally interact today:

  1. The sales landscape has changed
  2. Customer behavior has changed
  3. The profile of a successful salesperson has changed 

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  • Explore these trends and what they mean for your sales function.
  • Ensure market alignment at individual, team, and function levels.
  • Learn how SHL can help you use data to identify and develop the individuals needed to thrive in today’s competitive market and achieve sales targets.

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Building a winning sales team takes science. Take control of your sales transformation strategy with SHL.

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