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Why We Need to Give a Chance to Our Gen Z for a Brighter Future

This International Youth Day, let us ask ourselves, “Are we doing everything that we can to help the younger generations secure a brighter future?”

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor!”

When you ask any child what profession they would want to take up when they grow up, generally, they would have about five to ten different career paths in mind. But as they grow older, those choices change or slowly decrease. You would think that picking a career path is the most difficult step for us, youth, but in reality, it is the part that follows afterward—securing a job. 

The youth of today, i.e. Gen Z, will eventually make up the majority of the workforce in the years to come, especially in roles in leadership. But are organizations giving these early career talents the opportunities that they need to grow and develop their careers, to help them reach their full potential?

Today, the biggest challenge faced by this generation and early career talent is unemployment. Advancements in technology allow this generation to have knowledge at their fingertips, but on the flip side, we lack the experience that is deemed as ‘necessary’ to be considered for a role in the corporate world. More than often, we are overlooked and rejected before we are given a chance to prove ourselves, and only because of the mindset that we need to have the experience to excel. But that is where many organizations go wrong—experience is not always everything.

More than often, we are overlooked and rejected before we are given a chance to prove ourselves, and only because of the mindset that we need to have the experience to excel.

The Promise of Gen Z

The promise that Gen Z has to offer is paramount. By investing in early career talent, organizations can reap the benefit. Here is why you should be recruiting and employing more Gen Z graduates into your organization:

  • Thinking style: Gen Z’s have a different outlook on life, and they apply their views when it comes to problem-solving. This gives them the upper hand when it comes to thinking outside the box to find a solution.
  • Resourcefulness: being born in the digital age, Gen Z’s are more tech-savvy than their predecessors. They are proactive when it comes to learning and development, and quickly pick up on new skills.
  • Adaptability and resilience: the pandemic has shown us that this particular generation had to quickly adapt to changes, whether it was virtual studies or working remotely on their first job.
  • Behavioral style: this generation cares about topics such as sustainability and DEI. They are known to challenge the status quo. This motivates them to push beyond their limits, making them ideal for future leadership positions. 

The pandemic caused the world of work to change overnight, and graduates seeking employment were adversely affected. But as the world is slowly making its recovery, organizations need to ask themselves, “Are we, doing the best that we can to upskill our youth and give them the right opportunities so that these early career talents can have a brighter future?”

Happy International Youth Day!

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Azraa Shaik

Azraa Shaik is a Social Media Specialist at SHL. She is a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate (Class of 2020), with majors in Finance and Marketing, from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Being a Gen Z, she brings an innovative approach to her work. Azraa has made it her mission to grab every learning opportunity that arises. She is enthusiastic about developing her skills and knowledge in the field and aspires to one day reach a leadership role.

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