The Power of Context | Webinar

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The Power of Context - How Talent Mobility Became So Important

How can organizations be prepared for the future, no matter what challenges lie ahead? When confronted with a new challenge, how can HR quickly identify and mobilize the people that will help the organization to survive and thrive?

2020 has shown us just how quickly the world can change. Catalysts include COVID-19, compulsory remote working, an expedited digital transformation and an increased focus on diversity and inclusion. With each change, HR comes under huge pressure to support personal and organizational transformation with talent mobility decisions.

In this on-demand webinar Christos Malliaros, Talent Solutions Director, and Samantha Hickey, Practice Director – Talent Solutions, will discuss how:

  • using context increases the accuracy of internal mobility decisions by 3 times
  • HR can be empowered to quickly support and guide their organization through change.

You will discover how HR teams are increasing engagement, diversity and their organization’s performance by changing their approach to talent mobility.

Listen to the on‑demand webinar

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