Measure behavioral fit and increase commitment.

SHL’s realistic job previews and situational judgement tests give candidates engaging previews of the role at hand, while helping you to sift the applicant pool for best-fit applicants at scale.

Increase the efficiency of your assessment program.

Our behavioral assessments reduce the risk of assessing candidates who may not be a role or cultural fit, saving your recruitment teams time and money.

Thrill candidates with interactive, immersive behavioral tests.

SHL showcases your opportunities by packing each hiring experience with animation, interactive videos, and branded multimedia, built by you or by us to keep candidates engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our behavioral assessments to introduce candidates to your organization and discover their fit, which often happens at the start of the hiring process.

All our Behavioral Assessments are designed with mobile-first technology to enable candidates to easily complete them anywhere, at any time, on any device.

SHL uses a match score to provide you with an overview of how a candidate will perform in a specific role.

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