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How to Curb the Uncertainty in Your Tech Hiring Process and Build a Team of Talent with the Right Skills and Fit

20 April 2021

What do banks, Fitbits for cows, and Uber have in common? All of these products and/or industries are looking to expand their digital footprint to stay ahead of the competition and to remain relevant in the market. Finding skilled tech talent is difficult and it is hard to compete with tech giants! In this episode, SHL’s Edgar Zapata and Orange Quarter’s Angus Mackintosh discuss real-world examples of how companies of all sizes are creating successful tech teams with the right skills and fit!

How to Virtually Hire the Best Tech Talent

13 April 2021

Recruitment teams across the world have been gearing up to create virtual hiring processes that find the best tech talent. The 2020 pandemic forced the acceleration of those programs in ways not everyone was ready. In this episode, Lance Andrews, Edgar Zapata, and Philip Diaz discuss examples of how organizations solved for this challenge to quickly design a virtual hiring process without sacrificing the candidate experience or quality of hire.

How Learning Circles Can Boost Ongoing Development, Drive Collaboration, and Reduce Siloes in Your Organization

6 April 2021

Creating culture, remaining transparent, and idea-sharing is extremely difficult in a remote environment, but learning circles provide organizations with the tools to continue engaging employees during and beyond the pandemic. In this episode, Karen McLoughlin and Andrew Geake discuss how organizations can use learning circles to create purpose and connection across teams — boosting their internal culture while employees feel more support.

How to Avoid Tokenism and Increase an Inclusive Culture in Your Organization

30 March 2021

Diversity and inclusion are all the rage right now, but many organizations are struggling to understand how to get it right. In this episode, Sabrina Wijaya, Suraiya Rasheed, and Kristina Iniguez discuss the pitfalls of tokenism and give advice for how to effectively grow a culture of inclusion.

The CHRO Chat: How Do You Impact the Psychological Contract in Your Organization

23 March 2021

All HR teams struggle to understand the individual nature of a psychological contract and how to truly engage employees at work. In this episode, SHL’s CHRO, Teri Ellison chats with Mo’s CEO, Luke Fisher on why a psychological contract is tough, they share best practices and start to discuss the journey that organizations need to go through to engage and empower their businesses.

Why Personality Matters for Hiring and Developing Talent

16 March 2021

Personality Tests came under the fire this month when HBO released a documentary reviewing their impact on the workforce. In this episode, Andrew Geake and Karen McLoughlin challenge the assumptions of the documentary and discuss how personality tests can be incredibly beneficial for both the candidate and the company.

How Personality Tests Can Increase Diversity and Fairness within Your Hiring Process

9 March 2021

A recent HBO documentary focused on Personality Tests and the power they hold around bias for hiring practices. In this episode, Lance Andrews and Erin Crask discuss how recruiters can use Personality Tests to significantly increase fairness during the hiring process when working with the right tools.

How to Provide Support for Your Employees after a Organization Restructure

2 March 2021

Restructuring often happens during major changes that are caused by transformation or crisis, and the world has experienced a lot of that over the last year. In this episode, Andrew Geake and Karen McLoughlin talk about how to make sure your employees are supported and empowered in the midst of the difficult decisions made during redeployment.

How Transformational Leaders Impact Employee Engagement

23 February 2021

Engaged employees boost the overall success of any business, but it can be challenging to increase engagement levels especially in the face of constant change. In this episode, SHL’s Erin Crask and Marla Vega, executive director of EPSI, share how leaders can transform their workforce to be highly engaged within their teams and yield premium results.

How to Create an Incredible Graduate Hiring Experience

16 February 2021

Graduate and campus recruiting has evolved as the promise of generation z is realized. Companies around the world are using advanced technology to create a branded and engaging experience, but what is the best approach? In this episode, Erin Crask and Donna Weiss discuss ways in which talent acquisition teams can attract and select the best talent in this digital age!

How to Develop Young Professionals Early in Their Careers

9 February 2021

Young professionals starting their careers are often not viewed as ready or fit for leadership, but there are major advantages for preparing young people for leadership early on in their careers. In this episode, Seotlelo Rapolai and Thabiso Moloi discuss their experience growing as leaders in their careers and give advice to companies who are hiring new graduates into their business.

How to Build an Agile Workforce Through the Evolution of Talent Management

6 October 2020

The concept of talent management is shifting dramatically – remaining competitive as an employer is now about creating opportunities for people to develop new skills and also to build capacity for empathic and authentic interactions between leaders and their teams. This is a huge job and changes occur at every corner. In this episode, Sarah McLellan and Galya Rofeh discuss how leaders and HR professionals can shape the future of their organization by maximizing the potential of their people.

How to Become Truly Diverse and Inclusive in Your Organizational Culture

22 September 2020

Organizations around the world are looking for ways to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace, but many are struggling to build tangible measures of change. In this episode, Suraiya Rasheed and Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey discuss practical ways for companies to build a truly inclusive workplace.

How to Prepare for the Internet of Careers as an Enterprise Leader

8 September 2020

This episode features a round table conversation with Ken Lahti, SHL’s Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Yvette Cameron, Co-Founder and EVP of Velocity Career Labs, Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko, Global Head of Talent Attraction for JTI, Adeline Looi, the Global Head of Talent & Leadership for Nestle, and Tanya Delany, the Head of Global Assessments for Philip Morris International. This team will talk about the impact (anticipated gains, successes, and challenges) that the internet of careers has and will have on hiring and developing talent within large enterprises. They will discuss how this upcoming disruption changes how they create talent strategies, and the opportunity it brings for talent strategy to take a major role in board rooms. 

Increasing Diversity in Your Tech Talent

25 August 2020

The dilemma of diversity in the tech industry has persisted for a couple of decades, but there are groups of people and organizations who have created real and sustained progress against this issue. In this episode, Emma Payne – Head of Global Talent Acquisition at SHL, and Debbie Forster – CEO of the Tech Talent Charter, discuss how organizations took tangible steps to increase the presence of women in the tech industry, and now are building strategies to increase the diversity of race and ability.

The Unique Value of Humans and Algorithms at Work

18 August 2020

Automation through artificial intelligence has major benefits in the human resource industry, but only if we keep the human in HR. In this episode, Ben Eubanks and Ken Lahti discuss how AI has the potential to introduce a new level of creativity and innovation, and how people leaders can gain the most out of the unique values that humans and algorithms offer.

Shifting Your Paradigm: Utilizing Skill and Behavior Assessments to Hire and Promote the Best People

28 July 2020

College education and employment history are becoming less and less relevant, as the need for specific skill sets and behaviors take center stage in the world of talent acquisition and talent management. In this episode, Sam Whiteman, Head of Product Strategy for SHL, and Scott Abbott, co-founder of Talevation, PHASE4 Investments, and Straticos discuss the implications of this shift on businesses and individuals, as well as how this approach can be used to meaningfully grow diversity and inclusion.

Being a Leader and Supporting Black Lives Matter

21 July 2020

This episode features a conversation between Arthur Rassias, SHL CRO, and Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood, about how businesses, people leaders, and recruiters can grow as true anti-racist allies in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement. Hung and Arthur describe their own journeys of growth as anti-racist allies and will share their experiences of how that has impacted their approach to work. They will share their ideas for how to take action as an ally as well as when to step aside so other voices can be heard.

How to Create an Excellent Candidate Experience Amid a Global Pandemic

30 June 2020

Candidate experience plays a large role in the future of the employee’s performance as well as in the reputation of the company’s brand. In this episode, SHL’s Andy Nelesen and the Talent Board’s Kevin Grossman discuss how to improve the candidate experience and how COVID has changed the game for an effective recruitment program.

Big Bets in Talent Assessment

23 June 2020

Talent Assessments are enjoying a renaissance of success in the world of business due to their effectiveness in helping to predict the fit and future performance of candidates or employees in specific jobs, teams, leadership roles, etc. Just like the rest of the world, the talent assessment world has also seen a fair amount of challenges as we face digital transformation. In this episode, Ken Lahti and Ben Hawkes discuss how Talent Assessments have evolved over time to address the needs of people, business, and digital advances. They also discuss what the future holds for Talent Assessment.

Podcasts Featuring SHL Experts

Talent Acquisition Has Changed

Himanshu Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer at SHL joins the host of “The Recruiting Future Podcast”, Matt Adler, to discuss how the pandemic has changed talent acquisition, the rapid acceleration of adoption of recruiting technology, and how virtual recruiting impacts the quality of hires.

The Early Careers Market for 2021 and Beyond

In a recent interview, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin sat down, virtually, with Jack Walker from SHL and Nicola Lamplough from Experian to discuss the current view of the Early Careers market and how the shift to virtual has impacted employers and graduates alike.

Talent Acquisition Has Changed

Himanshu Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer at SHL joins the host of “The Recruiting Future Podcast”, Matt Adler, to discuss how the pandemic has changed talent acquisition, the rapid acceleration of adoption of recruiting technology, and how virtual recruiting impacts the quality of hires.

Balancing Candidate Experience and Objective Hiring with AI

Hiring is a balancing act. We want to drive candidates into the funnel, create positive experiences, and bring the best candidates into the organization, but we also need data to help make the right choice. While AI has been challenged for its impact on hiring, new evidence shows that it can help to minimize erroneous decisions. In this conversation, Ben Eubanks talks with Jora Gill from SHL about how assessments can be blended into the hiring process for better, more objective decision-making without sacrificing candidate experience. 

Talent Management in Uncertain Times

How does the current Covid-19 scenario change companies’ approaches to talent management? Organizations around the world are delicately balancing crisis management with weighing up which longer-term strategies and programs to invest in. In this episode of HR Insights – The Podcast Emily Ramji chats to Sarah McLellan, Managing Director for SHL in the UK&I, to understand her perspective on what HR teams can do now to best position themselves for recovery and transformation later. 

The Digital Transformation Of Assessment

Sam Whiteman, Head of Product Strategy at SHL joins the host of “The Recruiting Future Podcast”, Matt Adler, to discuss the changing nature of assessment, covering AI, video interviewing, interactive assessment, and algorithmic bias.

Do Employee Assessments Screen In or Screen Out?

Join HRWins founder, George LaRocque as he looks at the current state and future of assessments with SHL’s CEO, Andy Bradshaw. The two discuss SHL leaving Gartner and becoming independent again, how assessments and their role have changed, predictive analytics, the use of AI in assessments, and more.