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Trendlines: How the Current Labor Market Impacts Hiring

22 September 2021

​​​Current labor market trends have become completely erratic with the demand and supply for talent fluctuating significantly since the beginning of the pandemic. In this episode, Erin and Lance talk with Labor Economist Aaron Sojourner about how organizations can plan their talent strategies amid constant and unstable change.

Reimagining Early Career Programs

07 September 2021

​​Graduate programs have historically fed talent into a business for the long term, but the pandemic and digitalization has changed everything! In this episode, SHL’s Frederic Magnen and FirstGroup’s Paul Siaens discuss the disruptions impacting early career programs and how they can be incredible for both business and young people entering into the workplace.

The CHRO Chat: Creating a Stronger Culture to Retain Your Employees

17 August 2021

​​​In this episode of The CHRO Chat, Teri chats with Erin Crask about how organizations can build a strategy for culture that promotes trust, engagement, and collaboration. Culture will happen no matter what, so why not intentionally build the culture you want?

The CHRO Chat: Psychological Contracts

11 August 2021

The Psychological Contract has become even more important as the world moves into our new normal. This speaks to the relationship dynamic between a company and its employees. People are looking for empathic workplaces that align to their personal values. In this episode, SHL’s CHRO, Teri Ellison, and Mo’s CEO, Luke Fisher, talk with Watson Stewart from Standard Charter Bank and Ed Airey from William Hill about how employers can create a workplace that engages and motivates employees.

The Great Return: How to Safely Work in an Office During a Pandemic

04 August 2021

​There is so much to consider we figure out how to safely return to the office. In this episode of Trendlines, a special Talent Talks series, SHL’s Erin Crask and Lance Andrews speak with special guest Matthew Crayne about how employers can build more than just physical safety for employees returning to the office.

The Ultimate Tool to Influence: Data

13 July 2021

​A new Talent Talks Podcast Series: Trendlines with Erin Crask and Lance Andrews. In this first episode of our series, we’ve invited Derek Hutchinson from Better Up to talk about how HR can use data visualization to tell their story, influence decision making, and grow their impact on the business.

How to Develop a Recruitment Program That Attracts Women to Your Tech Hiring Portfolio

08 June 2021

As diversity programs continue to progress across the workforce, Tech hiring recruiters are under pressure to hire more women into their open tech positions. In this episode, SHL’s Edgar Zapata and Xena’s Megan Gill share a vision and best practices for how to increase female talent into tech teams.

How to Use Data and Insight to Create a Talent Development Strategy

18 May 2021

​HR teams have an incredible amount of data, and now we are learning how to use technology to create insights from that data—or “People Insights”. The question remains, “What do we do with these insights?” In this episode, SHL’s Andrew Geake, and his guest, DSM’s Vinciane Klein discuss how to create a practical application of insights so that the people in your organization can truly develop, reach their potential, and transform your business.

How to Build a Culture of Consistent Innovation by Engaging the Intrepreneurials in Your Team

11 May 2021

Companies that innovate and disrupt their industries seem to be the most successful. Exec teams have been searching for the key to consistent innovation while also keeping business as usual functions running. In this episode, SHL’s Erin Crask speaks with her guest, EPSI’s André Durivage about how to engage the intrepreneurs of your company to build a true culture of innovation.

Podcasts Featuring SHL Experts

The Future Of Candidate Experience

Sam Whiteman, Head of Solutions at SHL joins the host of “The Recruiting Future Podcast”, Matt Adler, to discuss the new whitepaper, co-authored by SHL, Matt Adler, and Mervyn Dinnen, about the six fundamental shifts in thinking which help employers deliver an exceptional candidate experience.

The CandEs Shop Talk with Sam Whiteman

The CandEs Shop Talk Podcast welcomes Sam Whiteman, Head of Solutions at SHL, providing deep people insights to predict and drive workforce performance — and a proud CandE sponsor. Listen in on how improving candidate experience impacts recruiting and the business bottom line.

People Experience as a Science

We hear a lot about “experience” for candidates and for employees, but did you know there are some research-backed, scientific principles around how experiences are designed that can help us create better ones at work? SHL’s Erin Crask joins Ben Eubank for this HR Tech Talk.

The Early Careers Market for 2021 and Beyond

In a recent interview, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin sat down, virtually, with Jack Walker from SHL and Nicola Lamplough from Experian to discuss the current view of the Early Careers market and how the shift to virtual has impacted employers and graduates alike.

Talent Acquisition Has Changed

Himanshu Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer at SHL joins the host of “The Recruiting Future Podcast”, Matt Adler, to discuss how the pandemic has changed talent acquisition, the rapid acceleration of adoption of recruiting technology, and how virtual recruiting impacts the quality of hires.

Balancing Candidate Experience and Objective Hiring with AI

Hiring is a balancing act. We want to drive candidates into the funnel, create positive experiences, and bring the best candidates into the organization, but we also need data to help make the right choice. While AI has been challenged for its impact on hiring, new evidence shows that it can help to minimize erroneous decisions. In this conversation, Ben Eubanks talks with Jora Gill from SHL about how assessments can be blended into the hiring process for better, more objective decision-making without sacrificing candidate experience. 

Talent Management in Uncertain Times

How does the current Covid-19 scenario change companies’ approaches to talent management? Organizations around the world are delicately balancing crisis management with weighing up which longer-term strategies and programs to invest in. In this episode of HR Insights – The Podcast Emily Ramji chats to Sarah McLellan, Managing Director for SHL in the UK&I, to understand her perspective on what HR teams can do now to best position themselves for recovery and transformation later. 

The Digital Transformation Of Assessment

Sam Whiteman, Head of Product Strategy at SHL joins the host of “The Recruiting Future Podcast”, Matt Adler, to discuss the changing nature of assessment, covering AI, video interviewing, interactive assessment, and algorithmic bias.

Do Employee Assessments Screen In or Screen Out?

Join HRWins founder, George LaRocque as he looks at the current state and future of assessments with SHL’s CEO, Andy Bradshaw. The two discuss SHL leaving Gartner and becoming independent again, how assessments and their role have changed, predictive analytics, the use of AI in assessments, and more.