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Leadership Diversity

Gender Diversity: Mind the Gap

Diversity: Closing the Gap

Leadership opportunity for men and women is still not equal. Even organizations committed to diversity are held back by misconceptions that hinder their diversity efforts. Women do not have an equal shot at leadership development, and are often overlooked due to inherent bias.

SHL conducted leading research disproving notions about women in leadership. Read more about misconceptions that hinder diversity, and how gender diversity can be a natural consequence with big business impact in our eBook, Gender Diversity: Mind the Gap.

Gender Diversity: Mind the Gap | Leadership Diversity

What Makes a Successful Leader?

SHL conducted one of the largest studies to create a data-driven framework to predict leader success. What we found? Women tend to score higher than men on 21 of the 27 challenges that predict high performing leaders. Our solution, Leader Edge, matches leaders to the contextual challenges of a role and helps drive better performance.  

Download our report, Leadership Diversity: A New Approach to the Gender Gap to learn more.

Source: SHL and Gartner 2016 Leadership Validation Study.