AI-Powered Language Proficiency Evaluation for Hiring

SHL Language Evaluation

Communication and English Language Proficiency Test

Communication skills are critical in a global and connected business environment. But fast, scalable evaluation of a candidate’s language proficiency can prove difficult.

SHL’s AI-powered suite of communication and language proficiency tests automates this process, helping you to faster find and hire the people who will delight your customers.

AI-Powered Language Proficiency Evaluation for Hiring

Quickly Identify Candidates with High Spoken Language Proficiency

Candidates take a short assessment to demonstrate their level of spoken language skills and can be taken via mobile, desktop, or Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

SHL’s fair AI scientifically auto-evaluates pronunciation, fluency, active listening, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. We support multiple global accents and languages like English, French, and Spanish.

Accurately Test Written English Skills

We also auto-evaluate the content quality, grammar, and etiquette of written communication, such as an essay or email, with ready-to-go versions available for Customer Service, Sales, and Managerial roles.

A detailed report with scores, linguistic errors, and CEFR level score (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is provided for every candidate assessed.

Automate Language Proficiency Evaluation to…

Identify Candidates with Advanced Language Skills

Identify Candidates with Advanced Language Skills

SHL recommended candidates were 63% more likely to be high performers

Delight Candidates with a Fast, Fair Process

Delight Candidates with a Fast, Fair Process

Reduce candidate wait time by 55% with automated evaluation and quick feedback

Make Faster Hiring Decision

Make Faster Hiring Decision

Evaluate candidates at scale and reduce time to hire by 60%

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