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SHL recommended candidates were 63% more likely to be high performers.

Pinpoint Strong Language Skill Candidates

Accelerate your hiring process with SHL's AI-driven suite of communication and language tests, streamlining language assessment to swiftly identify and onboard candidates who excel at customer satisfaction.

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Identify Highly Proficient Language Candidates

Candidates undergo an assessment to demonstrate their spoken language proficiency, which can be taken via mobile, desktop, or Interactive Voice Response System [IVR].

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Written English Skills

We auto-evaluate written communication for content quality, grammar, and etiquette. Comprehensive reports are provided, containing scores, linguistic errors, and CEFR level scores for each candidate.

Automate Language Proficiency Evaluation

Identify Candidates with Advanced Language Skills

SHL recommended candidates were 63% more likely to be high performers.

Delight Candidates with a Fast, Fair Process

Reduce candidate wait time by 55% with automated evaluation and quick feedback.

Make Faster Hiring Decisions

Evaluate candidates at scale and reduce time to hire by 60%.

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With our platform of pre-configured talent acquisition and talent management solutions, maximize the potential of your company’s greatest asset—your people.

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