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Create an Agile Business with Talent That Already Exists in Your Team

The Mobilize solution offers insight into your organization’s critical skill gaps and answers who exists in your team to quickly fill those needs.

2020 has proven to us just how quickly the world can change, which has made it difficult to prepare for the future. It has also taught us that when change occurs, decisions need to be made quickly to ensure business continuity.

People are the key to managing change effectively in our constantly evolving world. That is why Talent Management has never been more important. Identifying the people who have the right skills, personalities, and experience to help your organization survive and thrive is essential.

But finding the best-fit people can often take too long, and it has become even harder as highly skilled talent is in demand. This is where SHL’s new solution, Mobilize, can help! It was designed to identify who, within your existing talent pool, can fill critical skill gaps so that your organization is ready to meet the next challenge or opportunity head-on!

What is Mobilize?

Our solution is comprised of 4 key elements:


The insights of the SHL platform gives you easy to interpret and actionable data. It has been proven to increase your accuracy in decision making by 3x. You will quickly identify the best-fit people for a role or gap, and it will give you an overview of where there are strong or missing critical skills within your organization. Our approach was noted by SIOP as “the most comprehensive leadership study in decades” and won their award for Best Applied Research in the Workplace.

Our approach was noted by SIOP as “the most comprehensive leadership study in decades” and won their award for Best Applied Research in the Workplace.


Our Mobilize solution uses our Occupational Personality Questionnaire and Experience survey to accurately identify the best-fit people. Another great benefit of this approach is that it is not a point in time solution — meaning that once data is gathered, you can use it again and again, to answer any number of talent-related questions.


We have created a first-class user experience — Whether it be for the participants when taking an assessment, supporting the HR team to make decisions with a graphical dashboard, or for the leadership team to see a breakdown of their organization’s strengths and weaknesses.


We’re extremely proud of our world-class service at SHL. We have over 300 people scientists, working in 150 countries, and speaking over 40 languages. We invented workplace psychometrics and we continue to innovate and push forward in this space.

The 4 Outcomes

There are many benefits to increasing the speed and accuracy of internal mobility, which includes:

  • Improved Diversity and Inclusion – you can limit unconscious bias from the talent decision-making process by using data to support your decisions.
  • Increased Engagement and Retention – your employees will feel satisfied in their roles when there is a strong fit of personality, skill, and experience.
  • Boosted Efficiency and Cut Costs – by finding the talent you need quickly — from your existing talent pool.
  • Continued Success – by having the best-aligned people to any given role or project.

Contact us to learn more about how Mobilize can help you grow a more agile workforce that is capable of rising to any challenge or opportunity!

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John Kirven

John Kirven is a Senior Product Manager at SHL. His goal is to always view everything through the eyes of the customer. His marketing experience includes a number of areas like digital campaigns, content creation, value proposition development, CRM, copywriting, events management, event speaking, strategy development, thought leadership, commercial insight, training design and delivery, managing large projects, product management, sales enablement, and managing people.

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