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SHL technical skills assessments helps you to comprehensively evaluate knowledge of 180+ technical concepts through multiple choice questions. These include Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering, DevOps, Data Science, Machine Learning, and more.

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A compiler-integrated platform that evaluates coding skills of developers as they write, compile, and execute the code in real-time.

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Data-Science and Engineering

Programming simulation for machine learning, data science, and data engineering roles. Applied tests for Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, MongoDB, and more.

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Cloud Technologies

Tests of cloud computing, various cloud service models, virtualization, and private clouds.

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Database Technologies

Applied assessment of DBMS and languages, such as SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and PL/SQL

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Test of skills to manage technology deployment and monitoring using cloud technologies, web services, systems, and network management.

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Web Development

Assess a candidate’s ability to work on front-end, backend, and database technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, MySQL, PHP, and more.

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