professional talent, recruit skilled workers

Professional Selection

Professional Recruitment: Recruit and Retain Critical Talent

Secure Top Talent

Top talent is scarce and organizations are competing for professionals with similar skills, abilities and mindset that enable them to perform and adapt in a constantly changing environment.

Employee expectations have also increased, forcing organizations to develop a better understanding of candidates’ aspirations and motivation throughout the recruitment process.

professional talent, recruit skilled workers

Costs to replace a specialist role could add up to 400% of their annual salary.

SHL Professional Solution

professional talent, recruit skilled workers

Identify Scarce Talent to Drive Success

In a highly competitive environment, companies need to attract and secure scarce professional talent by creating a compelling candidate experience. They also need to use objective data to understand candidates’ current capabilities and potential for future success.

Optimize Selection Decisions

  • Engage and win over candidates in a competitive recruitment market.
  • Leverage objective data and insights to predict the future potential for long term growth and impact.
  • Understand fit to your organizational culture and values.
  • Inform on-boarding priorities and development action planning.

82% of HR executives aren’t sure they have the right people to execute on business strategy.

Why SHL?

professional talent, recruit skilled workers

Improved Outcomes

Our portfolio of highly predictive, assessment content includes measures of workplace behaviors, abilities and skills to predict success.

professional talent, recruit skilled workers

Unparalleled Insight

Decades of experience have informed our understanding of what high-performing talent looks like, driving business outcomes.

professional talent, recruit skilled workers

Engaging Experience

Our platform creates an engaging, job-relevant candidate experience to attract scarce talent and create the best impression.

Our Approach


Identify top talent with the capability and motivation to adapt and thrive in your organization.


Create a candidate experience to attract top talent for initial impact and long-term success.


Reduce bias and assess professional talent consistently via a fair and objective process.


Onboard new hires quickly and enhance the performance of existing talent effectively.

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Source: SHL and Gartner research.