LONDON, November 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - SHL, the global leader in people science and technology, recently published a suite of resources to enable companies to build a future-proof organization in the post-pandemic world. 

Recent events have led employees to have a renewed sense of what motivates them in their daily lives. A huge number of people are re-prioritizing how they work, and on top of an already scarce talent pool, there is a mass exodus of workers from their companies – known as the Great Resignation. People long to be seen and valued at work, and organizational leaders are now forced to shift their focus and think of a new way to manage their teams, and most importantly their people.

Additionally, digital transformations have changed the way we interact with one another, and organizations have become a part of a larger ecosystem giving rise to new positions, new ways of upskilling existing roles and reskilling talent.

 “There is an opportunity for us to reimagine our organizations—how we work and prepare ourselves to anticipate unpredictable changes that may hit again.” said Sarah McLellan, Director, European Professional Services at SHL.

SHL identified four areas that companies need to consider in conceptualizing a future-proof organization: Design, Culture and Experience, Learning and Growth and Leadership. 

These four prepare businesses and people with empathy at the helm of the transformation that will measure not just short-term goals, but also broader outcomes; and create a sustained environment where people feel psychologically safe and included.

“The current situation presents a fantastic opportunity for HR professionals, occupational psychologists, and business leaders to transform organizations in a uniquely human way.” added Sarah.

Know more about the four areas for organizational transformation in this whitepaper. 

Listen to our Podcast Series on future proof organizations. 

As the world of work evolves, now is the time to reimagine our organizations to ensure a sustainable future and harness the power of digital advances. SHL helps organizations with the resources, science, and technology to build organizations that are resilient and future-proof. Organizations that are open to changes, ready for digital accelerations and innovation and think long-term will thrive during and post a crisis. 


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