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Two Continents, Multiple Challenges, One Employer

Moving from India to Canada was a big step for Akhil Aggarwal, but with SHL’s support, he is enjoying a new job and culture.


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One thing I have learned at SHL is that change is a constant. The last few years have brought a lot of change for me. I had been working for SHL in India for over seven years in quality assurance but I had been looking for a more global role for some time. Therefore, I moved to Canada in February 2022, as Head of Deployment Management Office in Toronto.

I wanted to get a better understanding of the whole business and explore a different country and culture. So, three years ago, I applied for permanent residency in Canada–I have a lot of relatives in North America, so it seemed a good choice. But even though my residency application went smoothly, Covid happened, so I had to wait for a couple of years before I could move.

Walking the extra mile

In India, I had told my boss I wanted a new challenge and she spoke to HR about available roles. SHL’s philosophy is to pay the salary within the market. My current job is more senior and it is a global role, so it involved a lot of learning. The management knew that, but SHL gives people the chance to upskill themselves. The business has always accommodated me both personally and
professionally. It gives you a feeling it believes in you. That is why I am happy to offer flexibility in return and walk that extra mile for them.

SHL gives people the chance to upskill themselves.

My new job has some similarities to what I did in quality assurance in India. I have to make sure the delivery processes are working and identify gaps where they exist, then find solutions. Governance is important—data analysis and reporting managing change and ensuring people are complying with necessary processes. Leadership is another big part of what I do. I have ten team members located across Europe, India, and here in Canada. It means getting up at 5 am and talking to people in different time zones at odd times of day, but I am at the stage where I need to get to know my colleagues and stakeholders, so I do not mind making the extra effort.

New beginnings and putting down roots

It has been a big move in many regards and the first month was tough. I arrived in winter, and we had serious snow. I had only ever seen snow once before when I visited Scotland. And day-to-day processes in Canada proved very different to India. Everything took longer and required lots of documentation, whether it was registering with the doctor, opening a bank account, or finding an apartment. But as time went by, I am finding things easier. I have made friends and I am really starting to enjoy the city, the countryside, and the beaches nearby. It is a very outdoorsy life, which is quite different from city life in India. When I moved, I thought I would give it a year and see how I felt. But I am already beginning to think I could be here for a long time—and I know I will.

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Akhil Aggarwal

Akhil Aggarwal is Head of Deployment Management Office in Toronto, Canada. Akhil grew up in Gurgaon in Northern India and studied engineering and computer science at university before working in market research and quality analysis. He joined SHL in his home city in 2014, having heard about the company through his sister who already worked for the firm.

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