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RemoteWorkQ: Transition Your Team to a Supported, Productive Remote Workforce

How SHL used 40 years of expertise to help businesses and individuals confidently adjust to the new reality of mass remote working.

Never in history have we seen such a rapid and complete transformation of how and where work is taking place. While remote work is not a new concept, the current COVID-19 pandemic has transformed remote work from an opportunity to a necessity. In many cases, the world of work has converted to remote work in the past few weeks. Countless individuals, who previously would not choose to or were not allowed to work from home, are now required to do so which came as a shock — leaving many feeling unprepared

In a period of unprecedented organizational uncertainty, SHL acted with urgency to help our customers by providing crucial support and guidance as the workforce quickly makes this transition. We channeled our 40 years of competency-based assessment experience, psychometric research and expertise, and familiarity with remote work (over half of the Research and Development team has been working remotely for years!) into developing the RemoteWorkQ.

The RemoteWorkQ is an assessment that organizations can use to optimize their current workforce into a supported and productive remote team. It focuses on nine competencies that recent scientific research shows are necessary for successful remote work performance — such as maintaining work relationships, working independently, and possessing the ability to stay focused, among many others.

RemoteWorkQ focuses on nine competencies that recent scientific research shows are necessary for successful remote work performance.

RemoteWorkQ provides analytics into these important competencies for both the manager and the individual. Managers are presented with insight into their direct reports’ strengths as well as areas for development and support coupled with helpful guidance on how to best manage them to success.

Individuals similarly receive insight into their strengths and areas for development, as well as individualized coaching tips on how to use their strengths to overcome any risk areas. This short assessment can be taken on any device.

Each individual will face the transition to remote work differently. Some may find it difficult to disengage from work at the end of the day, and others may experience emotional strain from the lack of face-to-face contact. The purpose of RemoteWorkQ is to identify which workers require support in which areas, and facilitates actionable feedback, so employees remain engaged and productive while also maintaining wellbeing at work. Now more than ever this kind of insight is crucial as employees are balancing the fears of the current pandemic with a new working style.

Over the past 40 years, SHL has helped organizations weather fallout from many challenges. Though in our lifetimes, the world has not faced an event with such a dramatic impact on the daily lives of people across the globe, SHL’s wealth of research and experience is being used to help organizations weather this crisis. In addition to the RemoteWorkQ, check out our suite of Virtual Solutions currently being offered free of charge.

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Sara Gutierrez

As a Research Leader within the Research & Development team at SHL, Sara Gutierrez leads a talented group of research scientists in the design and development of SHL’s most innovative assessments, including multimedia simulations, computer adaptive ability tests, and design and development of assessments for mobile delivery. Most recently, her focus has been on the intersection between testing and technology and the opportunities this provides to drive innovation in assessment design. Her team shares the goal of creating assessment that provides interactive and engaging experiences that more accurately reflect real-world business scenarios.

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